CivicsLab quoted in Forbes Magazine! | March 26, 2010

The article begins by saying:

“Women are increasingly eager to ride the game wave. Many find gaming helps them increase their comfort level with technology and assist their career advancement. “The average age of gamers in the U.S. is 35,” says Phaedra Boinidiris, founder of and product manager for IBM‘s ( IBM news people ) Serious Games Group. “In fact, 38% of console gamers and 43% of PC gamers are women. The stereotype of a gamer as a 14-year-old boy couldn’t be further from the truth.”


“Games are a good space for women to grow more comfortable in being assertive decision makers and leaders,” says Laura Staniland, co-founder of CivicsLab LLC, where she leads game creation.”

Full article here.


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Focusing on the Southwestern Pennsylvania region, CivicsLab puts elementary and middle school students in virtual control of decision-making in their communities to encourage civic participation, critical thinking, and sense of place. In CivicsLab, players will assume positions of power in the community from an urban, suburban or rural perspective and explore how decisions-based on social need and demand, proper planning (as defined by our civic experts), political pressure, and most importantly, their imaginations-might impact the community. Through manipulation of real mapping information and current data sets, students navigate social and political pressures to explore the cause and effect of civic investment and public policy as they attempt to create a sustainable future for their region.







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